Acela understands that your business depends on having the right equipment to keep your job site running efficiently. Acela delivers by providing the most capable truck in North America to keep your torturous job sites up and running.

The Acela Truck Company Certified Reset Program™

  • Our rigorous Certified Reset Program ensures you get a like-new vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a new truck
  • Our Certified Reset Program is backed by our one year limited warranty*.
  • Our proprietary process is no make-over. We perform a complete tear-down, prep, prime and paint every fixed component on the cab and chassis, replace and upgrade over 600 parts with new, certified OEM-guaranteed parts and reassemble according to strict LEAN processes.
  • Our trained technicians work in a strictly controlled LEAN manufacturing environment to eliminate errors and to meet our high standard of quality.

Monterra Trucks set the standard for extreme-duty excellence.

Complete truck resets include:

  • More than 300- point tests and inspections
  • The replacement of over 600+ new parts
  • Like-new machine warranty
  • Trained Acela Truck Company service professionals
  • Genuine OEM parts from Allison®, Meritor®, Goodyear®, Dana®, Caterpillar®, Parker ®, Donaldson® and more

1. Inspection & Evaluation

We start by diagnosing every system and component on the vehicle for any issues through an exhaustive 300-point inspection process. Major components are scanned using state of the art diagnostic equipment.  Any mechanical issues or sub-standard parts are replaced with new.


During the tear-down process, trucks are disassembled for complete overhaul. The cab and nearly all frame-mounted parts are removed, inspected and carefully cataloged.  Cabs, chassis and take-off parts are then moved down the production line to our quality Paint, Electronics, Driveline and Finishing Shops for breakdown and rehabilitation.

3. paint & body process

As part of our standard reset process, each cab is completely dismantled.  All seals, glass, doors, door componentry, interior components and electrical harnesses are removed.  Cabs and cab components are meticulouslyrehabilitated using state of the art body repair and painting techniques and equipment.  Cabs are then reassembled in a “white glove” environment for installation of all new interior seating, floor mats, heat and sound insulation, paneling, lighting, electronics, digital instrumentation, etc.  Chassis and take off parts go through a similarly-intensive process to ensure that they perform and look like new.

4. rebuild

Once each department has refurbished all components, all hoses, belts, seals, gaskets, knobs, switches and gauges are replaced. Other parts are inspected and measured against strict ATC and/or OEM guidelines. Any parts that are out of specification are replaced. All fluids are flushed and replaced with new OEM-certified fluids.  Wheels are completely rebuilt and mounted with new tires.  In total, more than 600 parts are replaced in every Monterra.

5. performance testing

Quality control during the entire Certified Reset Process is paramount. All critical torques, clearances and pressure settings are set to specification, and recorded during the reset process.   After re-assembly is complete, we put our “like new” trucks through a battery of quality assurance, diagnostics and road tests.

6. final evaluation

Your satisfaction is always our number one priority, that’s why your team is key to the final step. The ATC Certified Reset Program is not complete until you are satisfied with the performance of your truck in its working environment.

Value beyond the reset

Acela Truck Company does more for your bottom line. With our Certified Reset Program you get more than a “like new” version of Earth's most durable extreme-duty truck.

You get our commitment of long-term Monterra performance.

Nobody puts more skin in the game for you than we do.

Acela Truck Company customers get one of the industry's best and most highly-trained support and service team. And you get a 1-year warranty on more than 600 new parts along with a choice of extended power-train warranty coverage.


Get the details about our certified reset process and see exactly what we do to each and every vehicle.

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